L’AND Villas are designed by a group of internationally renowned architects but share the same concept: a contemporary reinterpretation of the ancient Mediterranean atrium villa using a symbiotic interior / exterior relation with the option of customising the interior design, exterior landscape and cultural surroundings with the consistent backdrop of vines and wine.

Villas have private vineyards enabling its owner to produce each year personalized wine at the wine club with the support of our oenologist. 

L´AND villas can be integrated in a rental program and offer owners and guests access to all the facilities and services of the L´AND resorts”.



Providing a unique rural experience in an exclusive and contemporary environment, L'AND Vineyards develops around a central valley of vineyards, olive groves and a lake, communicating with the various accommodation units that are born in the landscape arranged in small clusters, recovering the typology of traditional deployments hills of Alentejo. With about 66 acres, the project is organized into seven clusters, comprising 145 units and a central area that integrates all tourist services of the resort. L'AND Vineyards offers Townhouses with 2 or 3 bedrooms and serviced villas from 3 bedrooms up to 6 bedrooms.




Five internationally renowned architects sign the landscape, giving it its own personality and distinct to each core architecture with a contemporary author who reinterprets Mediterranean courtyard homes of Roman and Arabic tradition.



      The contemporary architecture of L'AND Vineyards crosses Mediterranean cultural tradition with sustainable sophistication.

      Following these founding planning principles and in close collaboration with L’AND, we invited a group of prize-winning architects, with whom we shared a common vision, to collaborate in the design of a series of residential clusters.

      Five internationally renowned architects stamped their unique signature style on the landscape, giving a distinct personality to each housing mosaic. Following the morphology and topography of the land, our villas shape themselves to their surroundings, allowing for a privileged relationship between residents and the open rural landscape.

      The architects behind L'AND Vineyards therefore invite you to experience a new way of enjoying the countryside and interacting with the environment.





        The L'AND Vineyards architecture is rooted in the common theme of reinterpretation of traditional Mediterranean courtyard homes. Throughout different eras and cultures, these courtyards served different purposes, but it was in Greek, Roman and Islamic architecture that the style took on its deepest dimension: the power to harmonise your home with the environment.

        In these atrium style homes, the house and courtyard form an indivisible whole, not as a redundant surplus construction, but as a unifying element that brings life and dynamics to the surrounding space.

        The courtyards act as small private paradises, they are introverted, intimate, sheltered places, they are the shell of a house exposed to the elements and the outside world – they protect and make you feel safe inside.



        Each house can be customised through the choice of bespoke options and it is also possible to change the interior configurations and garden.

        Available upgrades:

        • Home Automation
        • Gourmet Kitchen
        • Flooring, wooden floor
        • Coating of the bathrooms in Estremoz marble
        • Climate control through underfloor heating / cooling



        At L'AND Vineyards we have combined Vineyards and wine with landmarks and landscape to create a unique form of land art. Breaking the traditional mould and a completely innovative concept in Portugal, L'AND Vineyards wines and vines transform a visit into a rich personal experience.

        Here owners will have the option of having their own vineyard on their doorstep and will be able to process and produce their very own using our wine cellar whilst managing the entire process. L'AND Vineyards producers can choose grapes from their own vineyard or complement their existing lot with the varieties growing in the common vineyard, thus controlling the process from the selection of grapes for wine production to the choice of maturation barrels, packaging and labelling.

        MY FAMILY


        L'AND Vineyards offers the following equipment and services designed to think of your family:

        • Kids club and playground games
        • Babysitting service
        • Housekeeping
        • Catering by Chef Michael Laffan
        • Other
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