The culture of wine and the viniculture is an important aspect of our identity. At L’AND Vineyards we cultivate typical Alentejo varieties using natural methods which express the unique terroir of the region and captures the flavor of the fertile landscape. A small winery built in the central building allows visitors, guests and residents to celebrate the art of wine and deepen their knowledge of wine culture.

Get to know the winemaking process from the terroir to the bottling and learn from the winemaker how to appreciate a wine in all its aspects: colour, aroma and taste.

L’AND suggests the following wine tastings:

  •   Daily Wine L’AND Tasting (approx. 30 minutes) – L’AND Wine tasting. Price: 7,5€.

  •   Alentejo wine Tasting this activity focuses on Alentejo as one of the most important wine regions in Portugal. By tasting typical wines from our region you will have a glimpse of their quality and potentiality. Choose a tasting with 3 white wines or 3 red wines (approx. 30 minutes) 30€ | 2 white wines and 2 red wines (approx. 45 minutes) 40| 2 white wines, 2 red wines and 1 rosé wine (approx. 1 hour) 45€.

  •   Premium wine tasting (approx. 1 hour) a tasting of 4 wines that bring out the excellency of Portugal as a wine producing country, an explanation of the peculiarities of the grape varieties, soils, irrigation, harvesting and production processes will be given. Price: 60€ explanation with food pairing (prepared by the Chef) is optional Price: 75€.

  •   Complete wine experience (approx. 1h30 minutes) This is a wine tasting initiation course with food pairing. During the visit to the vineyard and winery, an explanation will be given on the characteristics of several grape varieties, soils, irrigation, harvesting and production processes. In this activity we will focus on the importance of our senses when tasting a wine and how our food choices can influence the perception we have of wine. Price: 65

Unlikely combinations (approx. 45 min) A wine tasting with food pairing that will tease your palate with unusual combinations. You can choose between the following pairing: Cheese and fortified wines; Tapas and wine; sweets and red wine. A brief explanation will be given on how some foods can enhance wine flavour and how a perfect marriage between food and wine is made by contrast. Price: 45

L’AND staff wishes you a pleasant stay and we are always available for any questions you might have! Enjoy your wine...

All price are per person with VAT inclusive