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Miguel Laffan

It was at L'AND Vineyards, that Miguel Laffan found his “terroir”, and creates his exceptional dishes. It was in this hotel that he had won his first Michelin star that was also the first of the Alentejo.

For Laffan what makes the Portuguese cuisine unique in the world is the result of the history, the discoveries and the culture of meetings that have been formed there. The Chef seeks to reinterpret in a contemporary way the roots of the Portuguese gastronomic culture, the balance of flavors and influences of the travels full of hidden stories, secrets and exotic ingredients such as spices, tropical fruits, seeds, herbs and many other flavors.

Miguel Laffan has a very pro-active approach in the kitchen. He believes that only through an insatiable research, determination and rigor it’s possible to achieve an excellent cuisine. For him is so important the freshness of the food as the freshness mind of those who turns that food. This balance is a great reference, being from this philosophy the way to create successful teams.

In his learning curriculum are included some of the references that have proven to be successful schools, forming many of the best Chef’s in timeliness:

- Fortaleza do Guincho with the cuisine of 3Michelin stars -  Antoine Westermann

- Le-jardin-des-remparts with Roland Chanliuad cuisine (1 Michelin star)

- Le Clous de la violette cuisine by Jean-Marc-Banzo (2 Michelin stars)


The Chef has headed teams in landmark hotels such as:

- Casa Velha do Palheiro Funchal Hotel

- Quinta da Casa Branca Hotel

- L’AND Vineyards Hotel


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