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José Miguel Tapadejo

Alentejano from Castelo de Vide, José Tapadejo was born in the early nineties, in the heart of a traditional family of this region.

He started cooking at 15 years old with his mother, a cook by profession.

He later joined the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Portalegre (ESHTP) and graduated in Management and Production of Kitchen. At the end of the course he chooses L'AND Vineyards as a restaurant to start his career, having arrived at Subchefe. During this time, he was invited to return to ESHTP, now as a teacher.

Teaching and the need to train have forced him to develop even more the will to investigate and continually seek new ways or alternatives to achieve excellence in each dish.

In 2016 decides to go to Norway. The desire to travel and to know new environments, techniques and products, lead him to accept an invitation to lead a kitchen in a small hotel of charm in the fjords. For two years he met a new culture and worked the Scandinavian gastronomy.

In 2018 you will return to L'AND Vineyards Restaurant where you will find the perfect environment to develop your kitchen as an Executive Chef.

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