l'and vineyards

L'AND Vineyards resortL'AND Vineyards resort

A unique landscape defined by Vineyards and a lake.

Owners Membership

- Members Club -

The owners of L'AND residences have access to the "Wine Club" that allows them to produce their own personalized wine annually.

Each member has exclusive access to the L'AND wine cellar and is able to control all the fundamental aspects of wine production, from the selection of grapes to the production process, stages and bottling.

Members can make their wine from the grapes of their vineyard located at the resort or acquiring diversified grape varieties from the common vineyard. Each member will have access to the winery to produce and guarantee an internship if desired. The personalized oenological support is guaranteed and carried out by the L'AND team.

You can also ask to accompany your meals in the L'AND restaurant with your wine that will be available in the wine cellar if you wish.

If you have any questions please contact our team: reservas@l-and.com

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