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Sound Healings

Sound therapy is a powerful healing-science dating back thousands of years, through many cultures, and still used today. Every cell in our body is a sound resonator, and our body is made up of at least

70% water. Because of this, our bodies are an excellent conductor of sound vibrations, making sound therapy a very effective method of healing. The resonance of harmonic tones stimulates and restores balance throughout the body, reconnecting us with the natural rhythms.


This session works to bring relaxation to the mind, to open the heart, and enhance clarity, allowing the body to respond in healthy ways to remove internal stress, such as lowering our heart rate and

blood pressure, decrease muscle tension smoothing our respiration and harmonizes the chakra’s and auric field thereby altering the resonance and vibrational frequency to a higher state.


Sound healing treatments are combined with massage and energy healing. It is deeply relaxing and may incorporate the use of instruments such as Tibetan bowls, chimes, bells, rattles, drums, cymbals and voice harmonics. Your body will hum your soul will sing!


Each session lasts for 60m

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